Your One-Stop Shop for Restaurant and Bar Rescue – WiseWay Consultants!

Your One-Stop Shop for Restaurant and Bar Rescue – WiseWay Consultants!

Your One-Stop Shop for Restaurant and Bar Rescue – WiseWay Consultants!

You have always dreamed of owning your own restaurant or bar, or both, but the bills are too high for your pay, and the customers are not coming in fast enough to help you pay them. You look at the décor of your restaurant, and then, the one across the street, with its lavish surroundings and inexpensive prices, and it is no wonder to you why your restaurant and bar business is floundering.

You need a hero! What can you do to receive restaurant rescue? What can you to do get the financing that you need for your bar or restaurant to make the renovations that need to be made, or just to get through a slow period in order to know when your time for business picking up naturally will happen again? How can you get a loan without credit that will help you to advertise on bus shelters, or on billboards, on public transit, or on television, knowing that if people do not know that you exist, they will not come to your restaurant or bar?

WiseWay Consultants is your answer for what you need – WiseWay Consultants will provide with the loans without credit, plus the restaurant and bar financing, plus help to provide restaurant rescue and bar rescue, restoring your business that to the glory that it either it once was, or you want it to be.

Direct and concrete example…there are areas right throughout Canada where restaurants are just sitting there empty for hours and hours on end, yet the restaurant owners must spend money on the electricity, the hydro, the heat, the food that have prepared that is growing staler and staler by second without purchasing customers, plus employees that have swept the same spot on the floor five times in the past hour and you are begging for even one customer to come in that will realize that our restaurant is so clean that you could eat off the floor.

Well, as any business owner knows, a clean restaurant is important, it will provide you with the green sign that you need right by your front door, by law, in order to new and even regular customers to come in, however, without customers to admire all the toil, sweat, ambition, dreams realized, but financially not fulfilled, plus quality of either your food or whatever you may be serving at the bar, your restaurant or bar is doomed if this continues indefinitely – this is not restaurant rescue or bar rescue, what has just been mentioned is a recipe towards foreclosure or bankruptcy of your business.

WiseWay Consultants offers loans for businesses for those business owners that have no credit. WiseWay Consultants also offers finances for businesses with owners that do not have any credit rating, or a bad credit score. What the five big banks will not give a restaurant or bar owner because of their credit score and lack of income coming into their business, WiseWay Consultants will give you the money that you need in order to make it through a tough period of your business in order to ensure that you can pay back what you have borrowed, by re-investing into your business with advertising efforts, renovation efforts, incorporating food or beverage delivery into your services for your restaurant or bar, plus ensuring that you could even have the money available and that is needed to create new dishes on your menu, and new food, plus add some interesting new beverages for your bar, in order to compete in the highly competitive market of restaurant and bars right throughout Canada.

WiseWay Consultants is also a restaurant consultant and a bar consultant. It is possible that the services that you need are not a loan or financing, however, what you need is to find out, from experts such as WiseWay Consultants, how to be better compete in the highly competitive market of restaurants and bars in Canada so that your business will survive for the long-term, and not just for the short-term, ultimately, in order to keep your financial and well-being dreams alive.

WiseWay Consultants provides help to financially distressed restaurants and bars, with loans to restaurants to bars that have no credit, or bad credit. If you are in a situation with your restaurant or bar where you are having challenges paying the taxes on your business with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), WiseWay Consultants will help you with CRA collections advice, and also help you to understand how to pay the least amount possible in terms of deducting the maximums allowable in terms of your business expenses for your restaurant or bar.

So, here is happy ending…you have contacted WiseWay Consultants, and you have received a loan or financing for your restaurant or bar that has helped to rescue it from financial ruin. Within just a year’s time, a business that was putting you deeper and deeper into the financial hole and creating mountains of debt for you – has turned into a profitable business that helps you to hire more staff so that you can spend even one week or two weeks in winter in a warm climate, to escape the winters of Canada, and sit on a beach, texting your staff about what to put on the menu of your restaurant for the following week, or what is the special drink of the day for the upcoming Friday night.

OK, here is a bad ending…you do not call WiseWay Consultants and CRA keeps hounding you with phone calls that you feel like escaping Canada altogether, and your debt keeps mounting higher and higher you can barely count the numbers on the bills that you are receiving that you cannot pay, and no one is eating at your restaurant, or drinking at your bar.

What ending do you want?

For restaurant and bar rescue, contact WiseWay Consultants at, immediately. WiseWay Consultants will “fix it.”

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