Restaurant And Bar Loans

Restaurant And Bar Loans



WiseWay assists restaurants and bars with short-term financing and term loan arrangements. We arrange loans with bad credit or poor credit for restaurants and bars. We are here to help you in finding the best financing as per your needs. With our help, you can now buy new culinary equipment or add other services to attract more customers. 

What We Offer

Owning a restaurant or bar means that you’re taking part in a highly competitive market. There are several bars and restaurants in Canada, meaning you need to provide the best services to attract more customers. To attract these customers, you need to install free WIFI, provide environmentally friendly menu selections, provide diet-specific menu options, mobile methods of payment, essential items needed throughout the day, and on-demand ordering like delivery and takeout through online or mobile applications. 

We Provide The Best Solution For Your Cash Flow Needs 

As per the latest research, 80% of restaurants and bars do not meet their long-term goals since they fail within five years because of underestimating the right amount of money they require for maintaining the business. With the correct calculation, you’ll realize that 65% of the total sales go to labor and costs. Therefore, every bar or restaurant owner need to concentrate mostly on capital acquisition, business operations, product investments, and marketing. Remember that emerging successful in your business does not mean crafting the best meal or providing top-rated customer services.   

With a bar and restaurant loan, you can purchase a new refrigerator and freezer, pay salaries and wages to your employees, add a patio or another essential space in your bar or restaurant, and reduce utility costs by purchasing new equipment. Other than this, you can use a bar and restaurant loan to upgrade your restaurant or bar equipment, improve meal quality by purchasing new equipment, buy new fryers for the restaurant, and update your bar’s or restaurant’s gas ranges. Below is a detailed discussion on why you need a bar or restaurant loan. 

The Need For Capital

There are several reasons why you need capital if you’re or you want to run a bar or restaurant business or both. You need money at various stages in the life-cycle of your bar or restaurant. These areas include: 

Start-up Costs

Capital is essential if you’re opening a bar or restaurant. However, you need to note that this stage features many start-up costs, and it’s so easy for your bar or restaurant business to cost more than you budgeted for in this phase. 

This stage entails fitting out the bar or restaurant, installing a kitchen, branding, and even marketing. Because of the several processes involved, there are high chances for the costs to mount up. To avoid this issue, you need to come up with a tight budget and even exceed it with some figures to cater for any emergency. 


You need to note the costs you’re likely to incur if you want to expand your bar or restaurant. Here, you should note that there are high chances for the business rates to vary. Other costs can rise from hiring experience managers, hiring new workers in a new area, cost differences in the areas you want to expand to, the time and risk involved in recruiting new employees, the time you’ll take to market the business and the marketing channels you’re going to use. 

Sometimes an expansion of your restaurant or bar can become more complex, especially when searching for the right systems to run the business. But it’s essential to invest in the best equipment and seek professional advice to ensure that you’re choosing only the right and efficient ones.  


Sometimes marketing can become a significant challenge to most businesses but is an essential thing you need to run your business successfully. Marketing ends up costing more because of lacking knowledge on the right channel to use. As a result, we can consider marketing as a trial-and-error element. 

However, you can emerge victorious in marketing your restaurant or bar if you use the website as your promotional tool. For a useful website, you need to ensure that you have an original and creative copywriting. Always learn to come up with the expectations that you can achieve.  

Social media profiles are essential in marketing your bar or restaurant, but they always take much of your time and even cost more. However, they’re the best option if you want to make more returns. Therefore, investing in marketing is a vital thing you can do.  

Working Capital

Most bar and restaurant owners always make a common mistake by not putting together a budget for ongoing costs whenever they’re preparing the one for setting up the business. It’s essential to note that unexpected dips and expenses don’t miss in revenue. You’re likely to run into trouble if you don’t consider them in your plan. 

Worry No More!

WiseWay helps bars and restaurants pursue the Canadian dream by financing their business needs. Most restaurants and bars in Canada have always had a hard time raising capital through lending institutions and traditional banks. As per the latest research, it’s shown that lack of funding is the main reason most restaurants and bars go out of business. 

We’re determined to bring the necessary change. We want to help restaurant and bar owners to pursue the Canadian dream. We provide you with the money you need to build and grow your restaurant or bar business. Regardless of the credit score of the restaurant and bar owners, we provide them with the financing they need to open new branches, hire more workers, withstand the seasonal changes and allow them to run the business successfully. 

By choosing WiseWay, it means your family will get considered, and we’ll work hand-in-hand with you as you focus on developing a more sustainable business. Hesitate no more. Now you can get approved for bar financing or restaurant financing and receive the money in your account in less than 24 hours. There is no obligation. We’ll finance your business without checking your credit score!

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