Restaurant And Bar Funding Solutions

Restaurant And Bar Funding Solutions

restaurant and bar funding solutions canada

WiseWay is a financial services provider that finances restaurants and bars in Canada. We offer loans to restaurants and bars with no or bad credit. Our main aim is to rescue financially distressed restaurants and bars. We understand that as a bar or restaurant owner, it can be a challenge to maintain the business’s positive results all year long. Because of unpredictability issues resulting from seasonal changes, every bar and restaurant owner needs to have futures plans and ensure there is enough finance to cover the anticipated expenses.  

Our Loan products are the best option if you want to make huge returns from your restaurant or bar. We help you meet your goals with fixed and flexible payment solutions. With our business loan, you can now invest in quality equipment, get your staff trained, and even provide other services to handle more customers. Therefore, make a step of filling out our online application form today if you want a quick and easy way to finance your business without the hassle experienced when going for bank loans.  

It Is Time To Grow Your Restaurant And Bar Business Of The Year


Fall is the season you need to update your menu because of specific holidays featured such as Thanksgiving, Back-to-school, and many more. In this time of the year, you need to make more sales by offering promotions on the drinks and signature meals. 


You’ll realize that most of your esteemed customers will feel less compelled to travel to your bar or restaurant during the cold winter months. However, you can maximize sales in this period by offering quick delivery services to them. Winter is also the best time you need to update all your social media accounts and website to keep the customers updated about the special discounts you’re offering. 


Spring is the time when most bars and restaurants make huge sales up to 50 percent more compared to the patio season. You need to attract more customers during this season by offering them something new. 


Summer is the time of the year that records a high percentage of weddings. As a result, this is the time you need to diversify your services and make more sales. Every bar or restaurant owner needs to maximize their revenues over this period by offering a catering team or wedding packages or both to the esteemed customers. 

Why Bar And Restaurant Owners Need A Business Loan

  • To renovate and expand their restaurant and bar
  • For marketing campaign reasons
  • To purchase inventory at a lower price
  • Because of seasonal changes
  • The increase their staff
  • To start a new location 
  • To pay taxes
  • To get an easy way of dealing with the unexpected expenses

Why WiseWay Is The Best Option For Restaurant And Bar Business Loan

At WiseWay, we understand that it’s hard to run a successful bar or restaurant because of the variety of challenges encountered on the way. For you to run a profitable bar or restaurant, you must be in a position of managing unexpected expenses. Other than this, to run a successful bar or restaurant, you must be that individual who can come up with new concepts that can attract more customers. At WiseWay, we give restaurant and bar loans depending on how you will use the working capital. Also, our business loans range from short-term to long-term.  

Bar And Restaurant Owners Must Analyze Their Monthly Expenses

Every bar and restaurant owner wants to make money. Therefore, it’s essential for the bar and restaurant owners to identify those monthly expenses capable of affecting their profit margins. Also, they need to have repeat business and attract new customers from time to time. 

Attracting new customers is a common challenge affecting most restaurants and bars. Another issue is how they can keep increasing their profit margins as they keep expenses consistent with the standards of the industry.  

Every restaurant and bar owner needs to get concerned on how to increase the monthly revenues and attract new customers at the same time. With quick working capital, it becomes easy for the operator to handle any unexpected expense and even launch their marketing campaigns to attract more customers.  

Deciding On What You Want To Borrow 

It’s always essential to understand your needs before deciding on what you want to borrow. 


An effective plan is essential for any bar or restaurant that needs to finance its day-to-day operations. A realistic business plan is a crucial thing that every lender will want to check before giving you a loan. With a realistic business plan, the lender will have an overview of what will happen in the event of an unexpected outcome. Sometimes, we’ll ask the bar or restaurant owner to prepare three or four different realistic plans. 

A familiar scenario should be your baseline plan, and it must feature all the minutiae. You must develop the best-case scene showing your potential if everything becomes successful. Other than this, you also need to include the lousy scenario showing the nature of the finances in case of an unexpected outcome. Most of the restaurant and bar owners always include an awful scene showing the potential of the business in case of an unfortunate result. 

Systems And Processes

Any bar or restaurant must be ready to raise finance because of the unexpected changes that are likely to occur in the process. Before any making any decision, ensure that you have a deep understanding of your business finances. Here, it means that you must be in a position of evaluating your performance, planning effectively, and producing compliant accounts. 

As a small business owner, you need quick and easy funding options. As a result, WiseWay is here to offer you the funding you need for setting up better inventory purchases and purchasing costly equipment upgrades. 

Talk to us today if you want to see your restaurant or bar emerging victorious in the market. Hesitate no more! With our expert team members, you’ll get the help you need via an easy and quick funding process. 

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