How to Get a Restaurant Loan with Bad Credit

How to Get a Restaurant Loan with Bad Credit

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Starting a restaurant business is really capital intensive, you need to also be healthy enough down your purse to keep it afloat when you get going. The more capital you throw in the better the results and of course you have to fuse in some business tricks and tips for success, but that’s by the way. The question at the center of the topic here is how to get restaurant loans with bad credit. Having a bad credit profile might be purely unintentional since there are a couple of sacrifices you need to take here and there as well as some risks that could didn’t pan out well. If you find yourself stuck in this restaurant loans impasse owing to a bad credit, it isn’t the end of the business road, there are some lenders with less stringent loan policies that can help you out. This alternative routes might not come with the great rates that the conventional financial institutions provide, but are surely going to save the day. These online lenders won’t also try to rip you off and they provide rapid response to your financial needs when you need them. Most of them might not even need to check your credit score at all, they just come in handy and save the day. So if you’re looking at getting restaurant loans with bad credit, then below are some of your options.

Alternative Online Lenders

The traditional lenders are constantly raising the bar for loan issuance to small businesses and most restaurants fall into this category save for mega restaurants. This makes restaurant loans quite difficult to obtain and so these alternative online lenders discovered the void and saw it as a great platform to come fill it and thrive to success riding on its back. They come will flexible policies, lots of perks and provide emergency rescue to the financial crisis. These online lenders are willing to take risks with small businesses by assisting restaurant owners with loans and that includes them granting these loans even with their bad credit or lower credit scores. So while the traditional banks and other credit unions are paying deaf ears to your pleas, these guys are beckoning on you to come indulge in better offers, flexibility and give you a clean slate where your credit sins are wiped off.

Bad Credit Business Loans

There are certain loans for businesses that are designed for the bad credit guys. Like earlier stated, most restaurants that require restaurant loans are still in the small business category which is why the traditional banks and credit unions won’t listen to them since they come across as unworthy risks. With the bad credit loans for businesses, you can easily get restaurant loans with bad credit and save yourself all of the hustle of trying to convince banks that you’ll turn a new leaf with your credit record, that’s if there’s an ear to listen to you. These loans however, do not come with guaranteed approval, there’s no 100% certainty that once you apply you are going to get it but you are 90% sure of it relative to other means of restaurant loans for your restaurant business. Most applicants have attested to the fact that is almost a certainty. Some might require a little collateral but this is hardly the case. For the better part of this bad credit business loans, no collateral is needed or any form of asset staking.

Merchant Cash Advance

Getting restaurant loans with bad credit clearly implies that your chances with traditional banks are so slim and almost hopeless. This leaves you open to some other options. And since we are talking about alternatives to conventional restaurant loans where your high credit score is needed, this merchant cash advance is one of the options. It works by making advance on future payments cards – debit and credit cards. This option is best suited for restaurant businesses and other small retail businesses that runs the business to consumer style. At the close of business for each working day, a minute percentage of your sales for that day is automatically withdrawn and sent to your advance balance. This essentially implies that the sum total of all your borrowings will not be hiked if you delayed in clearing your balance.

Crowd Funding

This can come as a last resort if you’ve built your brand around transparency, quality, and diligence. This will prompt your customers, colleagues, and relatives to assist you in crowdfunding your business. It’s not one of the regular restaurant loans you know about but will certainly serve the purpose without stressing you out in the process. If you have a very robust relationship with loyal customers, they can rally around to raise money for your restaurant business and keep it afloat.

So there you have it, some very tangible alternatives both offline and online to securing a loan for your restaurant with bad credit. As your restaurant business blossoms with time, you can try to build up a high credit score and go for the bigger loans with traditional financial institutions.


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